New Exhibition

July 14, 2017 - July 24, 2017
at MARÜTE Gallery
香川県高松市のMARÜTE Galleryで「ワンピースのおんな」個展を開催いたします。
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July 14, 2017(Fri)19:00〜20:00
入場無料 (予約優先)
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A Statement about “Woman in a Dress”

“Woman in a Dress” is a series of photographs started on Kurashi no Techo magazine in 2009. Some attractive women wearing dresses inspired me to photograph the portraits with their own clothes. I like not only wearing a dress, but looking at a woman in a dress.
The model chooses what to wear. Locations are usually at home or in the neighborhood. Some like feminine silhouette, and others like unisex style with layers. What they have in common was no hesitation in choosing the clothes, and the interesting life story as well as the dress. With the years, everyone has naturally understood what makes her look better and gradually become confident in her style. I have learned that it takes time and experience till you can say, “I like this, since it looks nice on me”. The confidence makes a woman more attractive regardless of age.
The experiment to capture the eternal and versatile beauty of women through the dress will continue.